Welcome to Gallery-san

Welcome to my world where any color creation has been travelling through thoughts and time

Please feel free to contact me for further information of my artwork or a non-bining offer

At the time I primarily paint personalized plaintings to order. Exhibition of a few paintings can be possible.

Art By Susanna Knudsen

Reflections of stories, places and time, forms color compositions to a motive – like thoughts writing a diary

Each painting thus contains a narrative that challanges the illusion of colors and brings life to the art work

Are you searching for a personalized painting? I would  love to paint a unique painting, based on your story, place or memories. Together in dialogue we challange the expectations to create a painting for you.


As a tribute to our beautiful nature, I love to stop and take a ‘snap’ of natural moments

Nature’s constant change in shape and color gives an infinity of unique expression

Stone Art

At the edge of Jammerbugten – at the point where Denmark begin, you can find the most beautiful stones, shaped during millions of years

For each motive a stone falls from the heart

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